Massage therapsit logo design

Client: ESU Massge

ESU Massage is a small massage therapy company that has been in business for over a decade. The company is located in the city and provides various massage therapies, including deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, and sports massage, to clients of all ages. ESU Massage is committed to providing high-quality services to their clients and has developed a loyal customer base over the years. However, the company’s logo was outdated and no longer accurately reflected their brand

Research and Analysis

To start the design process, I conducted thorough research and analysis of ESU Massage’s brand and values. The designer studied the company’s mission statement, core values, target audience, and market competitors. The research helped redesign and to identify the essential elements that needed to be included in the new logo to accurately reflect the company’s identity.

Sketching and Ideation

After the research phase, the design began sketching and generating ideas for the new logo. The design explored different concepts and visual elements that could represent the company’s brand and values. Creating multiple sketches of different concepts, and after consultation with the company’s management, selected a few of the most promising designs.

Refinement and Finalization

After the design options were narrowed down to one preferred design, the designer refined and finalized the logo. The designer made minor adjustments to the selected design to ensure that it accurately represented ESU Massage’s brand and values.The finalization process included the following steps:

  • Refining the design through small adjustments to ensure balance and visual appeal
  • Testing and gathering feedback from the management team on the design
  • Finalizing the logo and preparing it in different file formats and sizes
  • Launching the new logo through updating marketing materials and making an announcement on social media platforms

Color Selection

Once the sketches and ideations were narrowed down to a few options, then began the work of selecting colors that would accurately reflect the company’s values and brand identity. The designer chose colors that conveyed the essence of the massage therapies, such as blue and green, and more pastel colours which symbolize calmness and healing.

Final Deliverables

Upon completion of the logo redesign project, the graphic designer provided ESU Massage with a range of deliverables to support the implementation and use of the new logo. These deliverables included:

  • Final Logo Design in various file formats
  • Brand Style Guide with specifications for color, font, and size
  • Marketing Collateral including business cards, letterheads, and envelopes
  • Social Media Assets such as profile pictures and cover photos
  • Implementation Guide with instructions on how to use the new logo in different contexts


After presenting several options to the company’s management team, they agreed on a design that accurately reflected the company’s brand and values. The new logo incorporated an abstract image of a stones that represented the hot stone massges and the zen felt during and an abstract lotus flower with pastel colors that represented the calming and healing properties of the massage therapies. The design used a unique font style that was easy to read and gave the logo a professional look. The new logo was scalable and versatile, allowing it to be used on different marketing materials.

Massage clinic logo design


The redesign of the logo was a success, with the new logo accurately reflecting ESU Massage’s brand and values. The new logo helped to differentiate the company from its competitors, and the management team reported an increase in brand recognition and an uptick in new clients after the new logo was unveiled. The redesign of the logo was a crucial step in enhancing ESU Massage’s brand identity and growing its business.

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