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Scuba Diving Club Website design

Scuba Diving

Today’s websites need to be clean, responsive and optimised to fit the needs of your target audience that use multiple devices.

diving club seen on desktop

This very active SCUBA dive club based in Maldives regularly organizes diving trips to various premiere dive sites. In the beginning, their website didn't have much traffic and thiere not so often there are diving trips, and if any, not so many divers participated.

scuba diving on mobile device

The challenge for this design was  to make a concept that were friendly and human. It needed custom photography – as well as being unique to the brand and established and world-class look.

Scuba divers are generally passionate people, and they have a love for the ocean and its protection and Diving diva needed a website that could reflect that. With highly experienced instructor team, the club trains large numbers of students each year from entry level, right through to instructor & technical levels. The club travels around the world also for their members, most of the photos are dives done by the club and all the marvels that the world Poseidon has to offer.

I created a visually remarkable, easily navigable website that fuses modern design elements with a user functionality. The result? A well-executed digital experience that’s as interactive as the escape rooms themselves.

scuba diving club web page seen on laptop