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Today’s websites need to be clean, responsive and optimised to fit the needs of your target audience that use multiple devices.

bakery website seen on phone

Bakeries have long fought out to out perform the competition. While many quality bakeries exist in London, Roayl Bakery has defined a niche and needed help in bringing quality traffic to their website to grow the business to the next level. Presenting expected and necessary content in a way that flawlessly marries the brand aesthetic whether on desktop or on the go is the key to buttoning up the online experience.

bakery website seen as a app

The first was to bring the heart and soul of the brand into the online world. A perfectly positioned photo montage merges the inspiration for the brand with the classic product in a balanced presentation.

Recreating and branded a new website as per clients needs and introduced the power of a well desinged and other SEO tricks for client was the important part. Within three months of launching their new website and SEO techniques, Roayl Bakery dominated their desired keywords and has well surpassed their expectations. The brand needed to be fun, yet professional for a business that values fresh, high quality ingredients and great customer service. The brand needed to transition across a variety of media channels, and appeal to a wide customer base.

The team had no interest in creating the next “it” confection. They were interested in the classics, pure and simple.

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