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Case Study

Restaurant Website design


Today’s websites need to be clean, responsive and optimised to fit the needs of your target audience that use multiple devices.

presentation of website on all devices

When I met up with the owner of Satay Sate restaurant to design his website and bring the ideas that they had to life. He had been through the process of searching for a front of house, ordering system and knew the challenges, competition, and had a clear, passionate vision. He wanted to do something different at his restaurant to encourage people to come back time and time again and the website had to refelct that. The website had to bring to the customers the idea of what indonesian street foood is, and the passion they have.

laptop device presents website

Satay sate wanted to have a regular clientele that returned often, were loyal to his business, and bought friends and colleagues along with them.

Satay Sate offered an interesting challenge finding, and identify the needs. Sataysate has a unique approach to food, mixing refined flavors and quality products of the Asian world. While doing this project and not having a lot to go on, I had do an extended amount of research to understand what is Indonesian streetfood and the culture that is the country. Identifying the colors and finding the layout by wire framing was the first step, bring in a photographer to have beautiful photos to give the best value to colourful food. Users coming to thewebsite should be able to find information as fast as possible and the layout had to be simple but elegant so a one-page-scroll design, which let me condense all of the site’s content into a single page with easy navigation. The design choice really shines for a restaurant like this – there are no distractions and nowhere for users to get lost.

The goal of the web design was to provide an easy user experience for customers and the website was SEO optimized to be easly found.

website seen on mobile device
layout in different devices