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Way finding in an Monument

This was part of a bigger project which involved also a redesign of a logo and a color theme, for Dublin Ireland’s famous Castle. The way finding had to be seamlessly integrated in the environment and still allow tourist to visit and find their way to the Castle while getting around the monument easily

Design of signage and way finding for a Castle



Research and Understand how to help navigate

The challenge was to develop an efficient way finding system, while also expressing the unique Dublin Castle and presenting the significant history of the site. As the Dublin Castle is a very dense area with thousands of activities per year, one of the strategies was to consolidate information on ‘totems’, making signage locations multi functional and greatly reducing the number of signs required.

Design of signage and way finding for a Castle



An Elegant Design and Understandable Information

Navigating anywhere can be challenging at times when the information isn’t provide in a understandable way. So, assessed the site, developing comprehensive circulation plans for all modes of transportation (vehicular, pedestrian, transit, and bicycle) to identify locations for signage elements. A study of visitor and user personal was also completed and used as the basis for design development.

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