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Well-Being is a Necessary thing

ESU Massage Therapy is a leader when it comes to your health and well-being in Toronto. They’ve quickly attracted and retained a quick following and clients that remember them for their pristine services. 

The owner/practitioner wanted a website that would educate clients while providing a certain level of trust. The practitioner also wanted her new web design to reflect a professional, authentic, and  relatable experience for its visitors.  The site needed to easily explain her complex services in a way that would encourage visitors to schedule a consultation. The site also needed a place for educational resources, including products and testimonials. This information would provide an increased level of comfort to her visitors.



Research and understand the needs

UX DESIGN- Wireframes are completed for every unique page. I worked with the client to ensure the best user friendly experience.

UI DESIGN- The visual design is created with functionality and usability as its priority. Competitor research is followed by interactions with the client to ensure the best outcome.



Zen is also thing

ESU website by bringing a unique level of whimsical energy with bright colors to an outdated website. It maintained a professional yet inviting feel with its navigation, user experience and content. A self-managed blog gave the client the ability to post new content to her site and provided a dedicated area for resources.

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Web Designer - UX/UI Designer and Graphic Designer - Toronto - Canada