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Purrrrect way to relax

The cat café craze emerged in Asia a number of years ago, where patrons can visit a café, enjoy a hot drink and snuggle with in-store felines. The cat cafe is a fusion between the coffee lover and the crazy cat lovers where both meet and relax and play together. 

The space is also a place where people who can’t afford to have a pet or aren’t allowed to have one to find a space to touch and snuggle up to a fur ball. The owner also hopes to educate people on cats and at the same time help some of the cat residence to find a forever home by allowing visitors to adopt them.



Cat Cafe are more than a place to kick back and relax

Design of a cat cafe with brand identity and the website. The client wanted something modern and at the same time that it represents their ideas. Cat cafes are becoming more and more popular specially for people who can’t have animals or can afford them. First was to find the logo and the identity of the cat cafe. I went back to basics and pulled out the drawing paper and started draw some ideas until I found the bas. After a little research, I started the colour palette and the the wire-frame of the site. Over the time everything fell into place and kitty kingdom was ready.



Designed Purrrrfectly

The end goal is to help more cats find forever homes, and to get more people to fall in love with cats. The website wasn’t simply a way to promote the Cafe, but also to help the cats find a forever home. The client has nothing but a Purrfect simple with her website, that has seen new patrons come and come again for eight a relaxing time and/or cafe and baked goods or simply to do some cuddling 

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