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Tony’s barber shop is a fine grooming place for men and he wanted a simplistic website. He’s a genuinely nice guy with one simple need – make Tony’s Barbers website look amazing while giving me a lot of creative freedom on the website design he wanted to have specific information. Typography & Photography play a key role in defining the look of a website, as well as featuring the employees that define the heart and soul of the Barber’s shop.



Research and understand the needs

The brand identity for Tony’s barber shop project included re-branding the logo, choosing original fonts and images to reflect Tony’s Barber Shop vibrancy. Today a website is a gallery to customers, it is where customers come to search and view for information, and is often the first point of contact customers will have. There for the look and feel needed to be right from the get go. The main objective of the website was oriented towards the user experience. Above all, I wanted to facilitate Tony’s Barber Shop and get him on the map and help consumers to find him. So I tried to bring back the feel of the old barbers that our grandparents use to enjoyable & experience, in order to encourage the consumer to come back and talk about Tony’s, specially men’s place.



Beauty in the Making

There are thousands of small businesses across Canada. Tony’s Barber Shop wanted to be able to have their story accessible online as well as offer pictures of the barber shop, and some of their work on clients and also where you can see and feel the old-time, antique atmosphere they have created.

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