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Design for the Future

I designed a modern, responsive website for Royal Bakery from the ground up. Since the client was entering a new market, I needed to do a deep-dive into the industry landscape, the bakery’s potential competitors, and conduct interviews with users in the target demographic to understand the pain points and needs of potential customers.



Research and Understand the needs and Competition

My challenge was to create a refreshed a responsive website that reflects its values of artisan craftsmanship, accessibility and community, and thoughtfully-sourced ingredients.

When researching potential competitors in the area, I found that there were no bakeries that were branding themselves in a similar way to Royal Bakery.

I quickly sketched out some ideas on paper for the homepage and the marketplace. I wanted to ensure that the key information the client wanted to communicate were at the forefront of the homepage design.



Client Amazed and Proud of his New Window to the World

The final design more images were added to the home page and menu to make the site more attractive. Lastly, features and team members were added to the home page. The Client was very happy with his new website. 

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