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How are your Finance...?

The Aviation industry is undergoing one of the most significant transformations in its history. Annual reports are important for presenting information to a company’s investors, so having an annual report that looks professional and presents a good image can certainly help the cause. The design of the report is, of course, secondary to the content, but still important. 



Delivering information

Delivering essential information about the company’s financial targets, performance and strategic direction, an annual report is a unique opportunity to speak directly to internal and external audiences. This was a redesign of the British Airways annual report, while keeping the company’s guidelines and at the same time give a fresh and professional look. Needless to say, an annual report is one of the most important communications a company can produce. 



Beauty and Understandable

The final product is a visually-engaging annual report that is easy to understand and encourages further reading. The design reflects the importance of connection between the thousands of stakeholder organizations which are all working toward the same important goal

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