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Case Study

Pamphlet Design


What better way to help first year students to learn how to manage their time than a perfectly well designed brochure.

pamphlet front and inside

Pamphlets are an important marketing material. It could be from the lastest restaurant that just opened and wants you to know their menu and takeout, to a promo going on for a new cell phone. We all know them and have read them, but a well-designed and professional-looking brochure can go along way towards an effective marketing campaign, and present a positive image of the business while providing helpful information about the products.

pamphlet open inside down

This brochure takes the reader on a journey through several aspects of how to manage their time and defined by a combination of precise information.

This was for Seneca College, who was in need of a flyer's for their first year students. They requested Graphic Designer to layout some propositions of design and would choose from one of them to implement them to all their new students. Understand the hierarchy of the information that was intended for the students was the most important. For every design it starts with wire-framing. Keeping the corporate identity and colours was a requirement and layout the information so that students could get a grasp of how to manage their time.

A job well done means that the finished product is both beautiful and functional – and most importantly, meets the client’s requirements along the way.

pamphlet open