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Message Therapist Website design

Massage Therapist

Today’s websites need to be clean, responsive and optimised to fit the needs of your target audience that use multiple devices.

website of spa presented on different devices

They were active on social media, but they were not seeing the level of engagement that they needed. Their website was looking old and didn't give confidence to people when they come on it. The client need a new and modern look.

website seen on laptop

Many people turn to massage therapy to ease aches and pains naturally. As a very popular type of therapy,and with many therapists offering their massage services, you need a highly visible website.

This project was to redesign a massage therapist salon. The client wanted to give confidence to clients as his website looked old and need also to give them a sensation of luxury with a well being. The new site would focuse mainly on user experience, the most important information is clearly communicated on the home page so the client would know where to navigate next. Responsive website are a must as most people today are always on the go and today everyone uses their phone. The massage salon need a booking possibility for their clients who sometime need or want a massage last minute. The look and feel was to be Zen and relaxing while giving price, location and booking made easy.

With our expert design services tailored to massage therapists, I put their websites together that make it easy for satisfied clients to communicate about how great their services are.

website presented on tablet to show responsiveness
cross device layout