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Huck Magazine’s summer edition explores the intricacies of the surf culture and how it is evolving. It includes features on topics such as surfboard shaping, the art of wave-riding, and the politics of surfing. One of the articles takes a closer look at the impact of tourism on local surf communities, and another focuses on the importance of surf therapy for mental health.


Huck Magazine is a publication that celebrates the independent and rebellious spirit of people who challenge the status quo. Its unique and modern layout is designed to showcase stories of artists, activists, and creative renegades who are breaking down the old world to build something new. In its latest edition, Huck Magazine turns its focus towards the summer surf world, seeking out those who paddle against the flow and create waves of change.

Magazine layout design, showing cover and inside the magazine


The cover of the summer edition of Huck Magazine features a stunning photograph of a lone surfer carving through a giant wave. The image captures the essence of the surf culture and sets the tone for the entire issue. The bold and modern typography used in the magazine’s nameplate is the perfect introduction to the magazine’s fresh and youthful energy

Profiles of Surfers

The issue is filled with profiles of surfers who are pushing the boundaries of the sport, both on and off the water. One standout feature is a profile of surfer Mick Fanning, who made headlines for being crowned the world champion in surf. The article delves into his journey as a surfer of pipline and the challenges he has faced along the way.

Interviews with Artists

In addition to profiles of surfers, the magazine also includes interviews with artists who are inspired by the ocean and the surf culture. One such feature highlights the work of California-based artist Andy Davis, who creates colorful and vibrant designs that are often used on surfboards and apparel and his love for the long board. 

Layout and Art Direction

The layout of the magazine is both eye-catching and easy to navigate. The use of bright colors, bold typography, and ample white space creates a dynamic and modern feel that captures the energy of the surf culture. The magazine’s art direction is also impressive, with stunning photography and illustrations that bring the stories to life.

Spotlight on Women in Surfing:

The magazine also shines a spotlight on women in surfing, highlighting their achievements and contributions to the sport. This section includes profiles of female surfers from different parts of the world and their experiences in the male-dominated industry. The magazine also includes an article on the rise of women’s surf competitions and how it is changing the game for female surfers.


Overall, Huck Magazine’s summer edition is a must-read for anyone who loves the ocean, the surf culture, and those who dare to paddle against the flow. Its celebration of independent and rebellious spirits is sure to inspire readers to create their own waves of change.

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