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Logo & Identity design - Cat Cafe

Logo Design - Process

Before you can introduce your products and services, audiences need to know who you are and what you stand for

concept of cat cafe logo in sketchbook

A logo design isn't just about a product or a town it has to speaks volumes about a company and its products or a cities and its vibrancy. It acts like a trademark and should immediately trigger a reaction from the viewer. The logo must catch the attention of the viewer. The logo must be understood immediately, even by a child. It is often beneficial to combine a word and design in the logo. The company’s name is then linked with the logo and makes the viewer instantly draw the connection to the represented company. Every logo is unique & should be memorable while designing it has to stay in mind at all times but it all comes down to trying to understanding the clients business.

cat in window of cat cafe

This Logo while designing I had to keep in mind that it was not only a cafe where people will come and socialize, but also animal loves and the logo had to communicate it clearly.

The important of doing a lot of research, weather you are a cat love like me or not, cat cafe have become very popular and one of thereasons why we like cats. Research has shown that cats help with anxiety anddepression. The logo had to be representative of the cafe, and mostly the factthat cats like to play and sleep. As I moved through my sketching and design process,I came to a point where the eyes were important and needed to be present andnot just abstract. Keeping in mind that the eye would be the focal point I wentwith a more black and white approach and just gave the eyes color.

It was important to consider where the logo would appear and how it would be printed or used from signage to packaging and marketing collateral, it was important that the logo design and brand development were consistent.

final cat cafe logo