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IT Website design

IT Company

Today’s websites need to be clean, responsive and optimised to fit the needs of your target audience that use multiple devices.

website presented on laptop

While the project did not work out understanding that each client has a unique brand, target market, capabilities and goals. No matter what features, platforms, or customization a project may need. The main goal of the redesign was to create a user-friendly site to showcase their products and make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. The old site had a terrible UX when it came to searching for items and a relooking was in order.

it website presented on tablet

I built out a user-driven information architecture that would help potential customers quickly and easily navigate to key areas of the site.

This project was a mock-up for Gryphtech. When meeting with the head designer they had one request, offer them a fresh and new look for their website all while keeping in mind the UI/UX so their clients can find information and understand who they are easily. The project included colour modification of the logo (with agreement), choosing original fonts and images to reflect Gryphtech. Responsive web design allows to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. During the process the final result was to have an engaging, colourful, professional looking site, which effortlessly communicates to the user in a friendly and personal manner what the Gryphtech service are.

I worked with the client to create an interface that was bold, bright, simple, and user-friendly because we wanted to make sure that it appealed to an audience with a range of technical knowledge.

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it company website layout on all platforms