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Hotel Website

Today’s websites need to be clean, responsive and optimised to fit the needs of your target audience that use multiple devices.

website seen on different devices

Like I like to say to my clients if you don't have a website it is going to be very hard for people to find you. My clients have everything to make tourist happy, a beautiful castle in the middle of France and beautiful decort and the perfect place for their clients to relax. The website of la Glaudie was designed to showcase their comfort and amenities. Wide slide gallery banners of the grounds and the textured header gives an inviting aura while offering extensive documentation of their available accommodations and services.

htoel website on laptop

I was tasked to produce a website for this luxury Castle hotel that showcases the luxury brand positioning while maximising  the SEO for the Hotels and generated more traffic.

The client was in need of a website for their Hotel / B&B Castle in France. They wanted to have a website to reflect the old castle while keeping a touch of modern and trying to promote there business. They also wanted to be able for clients to make reservations by mail. The site had to reflect the old and the modern, so after long discussion I came up with a layout to promote their Hotel. The website had to show as much as possible the different parts of the castle and the different services that are available in the area around; as most of their clients are there for relaxation and holidays. The reservation page was made for them to be able to control who and when they have openings. With a fully responsive framework the website looks great at any size from small mobile screens through tablets and desktop screens right up to large screen television displays.

The finished product made the clients got a stunning new website design that resulted in a 20% increase in the number of website enquiries over the first 6 months. 

website presented on iphone device
page layout in responsive mode