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The cat café craze emerged in Asia several years ago, where patrons can visit a café, enjoy a hot drink and snuggle with in-store felines. The cat cafe is a fusion between the coffee lover and the crazy cat lovers where both meet and relax and play together. 

The space is also a place where people who can’t afford to have a pet or aren’t allowed to have one to find a space to touch and snuggle up to a fur ball. The owner also hopes to educate people about cats and at the same time help some of the cat residences to find a forever home by allowing visitors to adopt those furry balls.

Project Summary

The Cat Cafe is a small business that specializes in serving coffee and food in a relaxed atmosphere where customers can interact with cats. The business owner wanted to create a website that would attract customers and allow them to make reservations, adopt the cats and learn more about the cafe and its cats. However, they were just jumping on board with the trend and needed a website that was going to be easy to navigate.

Site of cat cafe website seen on different devices


A cat cafe is a type of cafe where customers can interact with cats while they enjoy their food and drinks. The design of a cat cafe should take into account the needs of both the cats and the customers.

For the cats, the space should be designed with their comfort and safety in mind. This can include features such as scratching posts, climbing structures, and hiding places. The cafe should also have a separate area for the cats to rest and sleep, away from the customers.

For the customers, the design should create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. This can include comfortable seating, natural light, and a layout that allows for easy movement and interaction with the cats. 

Overall, the design of a cat cafe website needs to be visually appealing and easy to navigate 

The Problem

The objective of the design is to create an overall user experience of the website by making it more visually appealing, easy to navigate, and informative. While making the visitors want to go to the cafe and feel that it will be a good time with friends and family as you caddle up to a furry new friend.

Business Problem

The website should have clear and concise content that provides visitors with all the information they need to make a decision about visiting the café.

  1. Clear and intuitive navigation menu
  2. Easy to use on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  3. The website should be consistent with the branding of the café I created


  1. Create a website
  2. Bring confidence to the visitors
  3. The website should have clear and concise content that provides visitors with all the information they need to make a decision
Design Process
  • Conducted user research to understand the needs and pain points of cat café customers. I discovered that people were looking for information about the café’s cats, menu, and hours of operation, as well as the ability to make reservations and purchase gift cards or adoption of the cats. Based on these findings, I created a website that focused on providing easy access to this information.
  • The homepage featured a clean and modern design, with high-quality images of cats and the café. The navigation menu was prominently displayed and organized in a logical manner, making it easy for visitors to find the information they needed. I also added a “Gift Cards” page where customers can purchase gift cards to give to friends and family.
  • The website was designed to be responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring that it looks great on all devices and screen sizes. I also added a contact form which is easy to use and allows customers to reach out with any questions they may have.
  • A dedicated “Meet the Cats” page provided information about each of the cats living at the café, and a “Reservations” page made it easy for customers to book a visit. 


  • After the website was launched, the business reported an incredible amount of online reservations with a 25% over their expectation 
  • The owner was amazed to see the gift card purchases 10% more than expected for every visite. 
  • The website’s analytics showed that visitors were spending more time on the site, with an average of 2 minutes, with an average of 3 pages per session, indicating that they were very engaged with the content. 
  • The bounce rate of the website decreased by 15%. 
  • The overall user satisfaction score also increased by 20%

Satisfaction of user 20%

Average page seen up 3 pages 

10% of gift card purchases


The new website helped to improve the customer’s experience and drive more business to the Cat Café. The clear and easy navigation, high-quality images, and the option to make reservations and purchase gift cards, all contributed to the success of the website. By providing a better user experience, the business was able to attract more customers and increase revenue. The metrics show that the website was able to achieve the goals that were set out at the beginning of the project.

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