Transformative UX/UI Experience for Enercare Billing Portal

Boasting a legacy of serving more than 1 million customers for over six decades, Enercare is embarking on a revolutionary transition facilitated by Enbridge. Commencing in 2024, patrons presently managing their Enercare service payments through Enbridge billing will seamlessly shift to a direct billing model with Enercare. As a result, these loyal customers can anticipate receiving their enhanced and user-centric monthly statements directly from Enercare, embodying the principles of “Seamless Innovation” and the utmost in “UX/UI-centric Billing.”

Project Summary

Facing the shift from Enbridge billing to direct billing from Enercare, the imperative for a new billing portal arose. Recognizing the paramount importance of a seamless user experience (UX) and an intuitive user interface (UI), Enercare embarked on crafting a dedicated billing platform seamlessly integrated into customers’ daily routines.

The core emphasis of this initiative is on delivering a user-friendly interface to ensure a seamless transition for customers managing their bills directly with Enercare. Beyond a simple billing system overhaul, the project prioritizes an elevated UX/UI, aiming to enhance customer satisfaction through an intuitive and visually appealing platform.

This strategic undertaking resonates with Enercare’s commitment to innovation, solidifying its position as a leader in customer-centric solutions within utilities sector.

UX/UI, user-centric billing portal


During the discovery phase, prompted by the transition from Enbridge billing to direct billing from Enercare, an initiative was launched to craft a cutting-edge billing portal with a strong focus on enhancing the user experience (UX). Driven by the crucial need for a user-friendly interface, the primary goal is to ensure a seamless transition for users managing their bills directly with Enercare. The project emphasizes elevating user satisfaction through an intuitive and visually appealing UX/UI, aligning the platform with users’ daily routines.

The Problem

The following problems were identified during the discovery phase:

  • How to ensure that users understand how to pay and manage their bills
  • How to make the transition essay and the UI simple for all ages
  • Users coming from Enbright need to be able to find a form of ease
  • The timeline is very short and the designs need to be essay for the dev team to implement
  • Being able to conduct testing to find the problems in a limited time

Business Problem

The main focus of the company is to make a smooth transition from their current billing services to a new platform allowing the customers to not feel lost and the company to not disrupte 

  • User-Centric Design Approach: Adopt a user-centric design philosophy, ensuring the interface is intuitive for users of all age groups.
  • Universal Icons and Visual Cues: Incorporate universally understood icons and visual cues to aid navigation, minimizing reliance on text instructions.
  • User Testing Across Demographics: Conduct comprehensive user testing across various age groups to identify and address usability issues for a universally friendly UI.


The business goals for this project:

  • Improve the visibility of extra content by reducing the length of scrolling pages
  • Create a clear hierarchy of elements to highlight the most important information
  • Enhance the clarity of content access to make it easier for customers to understand
  • Address accessibility and legibility issues to improve readability and usability for a diverse customer base.
Design Process

The design followed the following steps in the design process:

  • Conducted user research to identify user pain points and frustrations with the current design
  • Defined the business goals for the redesign
  • Created wireframes and prototypes for testing
  • Conducted user testing to refine and validate design choices
  • Developed the final design, incorporating feedback from user testing
  • Implemented the design on the website 


Payment and Management Clarity:

  • Users benefit from clear communication channels, interactive tutorials, and accessible help resources, ensuring a straightforward experience in paying and managing bills.

Simple Transition and UI for All Ages:

  • The user-centric design approach, universal icons, and visual cues, along with demographic-based testing, contribute to an intuitive and age-inclusive interface.

Ease for Enbright Transition:

  • Enbright users experience a seamless transition with streamlined onboarding and the integration of familiar interface elements, enhancing their overall user journey.

Efficient Design for Short Timeline:

  • The agile design approach and simplified documentation facilitate easy implementation by the development team within the limited timeline, ensuring efficiency.

Rapid Testing Strategies:

  • Rapid and iterative testing cycles, coupled with user feedback loops and prioritized issue resolution, enable quick problem identification and resolution, maintaining project momentum.


In conclusion, the outcomes of the UX/UI case study provide compelling evidence that Enercare’s new billing portal project is not just a visionary response but a tangible success in navigating the evolving landscape of billing processes. By strategically prioritizing user experience and upholding a steadfast commitment to customer-centric solutions, Enercare has set a new standard within the utilities sector.


The implementation of clear communication channels, interactive tutorials, and accessible help resources has significantly enhanced user understanding of bill payment and management processes. These efforts are reflected in the reduced reliance on support tickets, indicating a positive shift toward user independence and confidence in navigating the system.


Moreover, the user-centric design approach, universal icons, and visual cues, along with demographic-based testing, have proven effective in creating a seamless and age-inclusive interface. The high usability score and broad adoption rates across diverse age groups underscore the success of these strategies in making the transition effortless for users of all ages.


For users transitioning from Enbright, the streamlined onboarding process and incorporation of familiar interface elements have resulted in a smooth and intuitive experience. The positive onboarding completion rate and user survey responses affirm that the tailored approach to Enbright users has indeed eased their transition.


Efficiency in design implementation within a short timeline is evident through the agile design approach and simplified documentation. The swift development time and rapid iteration speed reflect the success of these strategies in meeting the project’s tight timeline while maintaining a focus on clarity and simplicity.

Overall, the combination of these UX/UI strategies not only attests to Enercare’s forward-thinking approach but also positions the company as an industry leader in customer-centric solutions. By successfully redefining standards in the utilities sector, Enercare has not only met but exceeded the expectations of its users, ensuring a smooth and effortless transition into the new billing era.

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