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Annual report

Annual report

Give clients the power to engage with key stakeholders through effective and compelling annual report design.

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Annual reports are important for presenting information to acompany’s investors, so having an annual report that looks professional andpresents a good image can certainly help the cause. The design of the reportis, of course, secondary to the content, but still important. A well-designedannual report is far more than just a review of your financial statements. Itis a vital communication piece highlighting personnel, operations and otherimportant information. Over the years, the typical annual report have undergonea major transformation by going paperless and simply becoming PDF to downloadand websites.

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Delivering essential information about your company’s financial targets, performance and strategic direction, an annual report is a unique opportunity to speak directly to internal and external audiences

This is a redesign of the British Airways annual report, while keeping the company's guidelines and at the same time give a fresh and professional look. Needless to say, an annual report is one of the most important vehicles for internal and external communications a company can produce. Keeping the company's corporate colours and bringing the information with a fresh eye was the most important. Using a professional layout, expert design, editing and photography, crafting the annual reports can impact and truly bring the year’s activity to life.

Superior customer service  is at the core of what British Airways. Recent years have seen the company deliver a series of major improvements and innovations, and the company is now on track to deliver its vision of becoming the UK’s airline.

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